Wairasa CC

In October 2006, we broke ground on our first well project, located in the small village of Wairasa in the Mayuge District of Uganda. The village has a 1200 person population and relies on sugar cane as a main industry source. The average walk to the nearest water source was 3.4 miles before we installed a well. The inscription on the tile reads "Kwagala" which is the Luganda word for "Love".
Country: Uganda
District: Mayuge
Original Number of Boys: 600
Original Number of Girls: 600
Original Number of Community Beneficiaries: 1200
Number of Villages Served: 4
Depth Drilled: 0
gps_longitude: 33.579369
gps_latitude: 0.42606
Date Completed: 2006-11-01
100% RAISED OF $6,000
100% Complete