Okuchoi Community

The Okuchoi community is in the Alilio village which is in the Arapai sub-county of Soroti Disrict in Uganda. There are currently 680 families using this well between the two villages that use it daily as their primary source of water. That is a total of 989 people who are benefiting from this well.
Country: Uganda
District: Soroti
Original Number of Boys: 278
Original Number of Girls: 317
Original Number of Men: 169
Original Number of Women: 225
Original Number of Community Beneficiaries: 989
Number of Villages Served: 2
Depth Drilled: 38
gps_longitude: 33.66388889
gps_latitude: 1.87083333
Date Completed: 2018-03-05
Project Status: Completed
100% RAISED OF $6,000
100% Complete