Layibi Techo Health Center

Patients at the Layibi Techo Health Center in Gulu, Uganda now have access to clean water thanks to a well drilled by Drop in the Bucket. The health center provides medical care to three neighboring villages and treats, on average, 150 patients per day. There are 5 staff members working at the facility.
The most common ailments treated are malaria, intestinal worms and respiratory infections, which are all very common in this part of the world.
The health center employs a midwife and 7 nurses deliver who between them deliver approximately 35 babies every month and before the well was drilled, all of this was done without clean water. We are happy to say that thanks to the well that Drop in the Bucket drilled for the facility, the Layibi Techo Health Center now has clean water.
Country: Uganda
District: Gulu
Original Number of Men: 75
Original Number of Women: 75
Number of Villages Served: 3
Depth Drilled:
gps_longitude: 32.292314
gps_latitude: 2.745828
Date Completed: 2019-10-26
Project Status: Completed
100% RAISED OF $6,000
100% Complete