Keyi B Health Center

Before Drop in the Bucket drilled a well at the at the Keyi B Health Center in Gulu, Uganda, the staff had to walk 1 km to get water from a shallow well. While the old well did provide water,  it did not provide enough water for a busy health center and the lack of clean water was putting patients' lives and health at risk. The new well is a deep borehole well that easily provides enough water for the patients and staff. 
Country: Uganda
District: Gulu
Original Number of Boys: 800
Original Number of Girls: 1200
Number of Villages Served: 2
Depth Drilled:
gps_longitude: 32.271561
gps_latitude: 2.790627
Date Completed: 2019-07-23
Project Status: Completed
100% RAISED OF $6,000
100% Complete