Imanyiro Village

Our good friend Robinah set up a nursery school named after her father in Imanyiro. She also runs a Primary school in the Jinja area, but "Pop's Place" in Imanyiro is a particularly great school. Rather than trying to educate hungry children, Robinah makes sure that all the school children get to eat at least one nutritious meal daily, and now they also have a well.
Country: Uganda
District: Mayuge
Original Number of Boys: 142
Original Number of Girls: 142
Original Number of Community Beneficiaries: 1717
Number of Villages Served: 1
Depth Drilled: 0
gps_longitude: 33.423672
gps_latitude: 0.497383
Date Completed: 2007-05-20
Project Status: Completed
100% RAISED OF $6,000
100% Complete