Alpha Nursery & Primary School

In 2001 the parents and other members of the community in Lira, Uganda banded together to build a much-needed nursery school for the young children in their town. They created the Alpha Nursery School which over time expanded into also becoming a Primary School too and then taking on boarding students as well. It is now known as the Alpha Primary and Boarding School. It currently has 520 students and a solid reputation within the local community for providing the young kids with the skills they need to continue their education.
Country: Uganda
District: Lira
Original Number of Boys: 520
Original Number of Girls: 303
Original Number of Community Beneficiaries: 2792
Number of Villages Served: 3
Depth Drilled: 0
gps_longitude: 31.488007
gps_latitude: 1.249231
Date Completed: 2013-07-08
Project Status: Completed
100% RAISED OF $6,000
100% Complete