World Water Week

World Water Week

It’s World Water Week!

To commemorate World Water Week (August 25 – August 30), we’d like to highlight our teams on the ground. They are committed to drilling wells and providing clean water to schools and rural communities. We appreciate them because they make a difference in hundreds of lives every day.

Young girl with water jug on her head in Uganda showing importance of World Water Week

It is our mission to bring attention to the world water crisis and to shine a light on this grave situation. There is a lack of clean water around the planet. We often feature the students who can’t focus on their studies because they don’t have water in their schools. Families who are suffering from water-borne diseases. The women and girls who sacrifice day in and day out by walking miles to fetch clean water for their families. The global water crisis is real and it is our mission to do something about it.

Drilling for water in Uganda with Drop in the Bucket highlighting World Water Week

This year, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight the tireless work of our drilling teams who spend most of the year away from their families drilling in far and remote locations. The work is dirty, exhausting, frustrating and filled with challenges. But through it all, this team stays focused and pushes on. They share our united mission – drilling and providing clean water to children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Drop in the Bucket staff sit on a Pat 301T drilling rig in Uganda after completing drilling a new water well in Koboko celebrating World Water Week

They will have drilled more than 40 wells for schools and communities this year alone and clocked countless hours planning, preparing and venturing into areas where people are suffering in silence. The DROP team does this work because it’s their passion. They are directly on the ground all the time so they can be directly involved. They stay and work with the communities, the local leaders and individuals who will be the direct beneficiaries.

On World Water Week 2019…

We would like to say thank our team in the trenches and their amazing cook who keeps them fed. The world is better because of your dedication and hard work.

Drop in the Bucket driller sits on a Compair screw tack compressor in Uganda highlighting importance of World Water Week

Drop in the Bucket drills a clean water well in Uganda highlighting importance of World Water Week

Drop in the Bucket water well drilling in Uganda showing the importance of world water week

Happy students by a water well drilled by Drop in the Bucket at a school in Uganda

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