How A Pair of Shoes Started A Movement

How A Pair of Shoes Started A Movement

As global citizens, we are all interconnected and can have a profound effect on one another. This is a heartwarming story of how one kind gesture set off a chain reaction felt around the world. Learn how a pair of shoes in Uganda started a movement!

Back in October of last year, Drop in the Bucket drilled a well at a school in Koboko, Uganda.

School children in Uganda gather round two boys using a clean water well from Drop in the Bucket

While taking photos of the well, DROP’s Director Stacey Travis noticed something strange. A young boy taking off his shoes and handing them to another boy who started to put them on. After asking one of their teachers Stacey learned the family only had enough money for one pair of shoes, so the brothers shared them.

School children in Uganda gather round two boys who share a pair of shoes

The one wearing the shoes wanted his brother to be in the photo wearing shoes too. So he took them off and gave them to him.

We were touched by the sweet gesture and shared the story on our Facebook Page

One of our donors was so touched by the story she asked if she could buy the brothers some shoes.

Four pairs of black shoes for students in Uganda from Drop in the Bucket

Understanding that DROP’s primary mission is to provide clean water, the donor created a simple fundraiser on our website. She ended up raising enough money to fund an entire well! Then she requested that we use the extra money to also purchase some shoes for these boys.

While drilling the new well, we stopped by to visit the brothers so we could measure their feet for new shoes. We then realized that there were two other boys living with them so we ended up purchasing new shoes and fresh socks for them all.

Our organization name is not lost on us – we are just a drop in the bucket. We mainly focus our attention on providing clean water to schools and communities. However, it was a joy to be able to fulfill this one-time unique request from one of our special donors.

Drop in the Bucket Employee gifts a young student a new pair of shoes in Uganda
And of course, the boys were thrilled.

Four young boys at school in Uganda show of their new shoes

Four boys in Uganda show of their new shoes

Four young students line up their shoes together in a school in Uganda

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