Global Handwashing Day 2019

Global Handwashing Day 2019

“You don’t need to invent some Nobel Prize winning formula to save millions of children. The solution already exists: soap & water.” 

– Therese Dooley

The fact that 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by touch is crazy. What’s even crazier is that most of these diseases can be prevented with a simple and inexpensive “cure” that most people have in their homes right now. Yes, that’s right soap!

So why is a water charity talking about soap?

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Although Drop in the Bucket started as a well-drilling organization, we quickly expanded our mission to include sanitation, health and hygiene training. And this newsletter is coming out on time for Global Handwashing Day on October 15th!

Along with the wells Drop in the Bucket drills, we also provide hygiene and sanitation awareness training and education. These messages will stay with the children for the rest of their lives, which they will potentially take home to teach their friends and family. 

Drop in the Bucket teaching about the benefits of hand washing to refugee children in South Sudan
Drop in the Bucket staff teaching refugee children about the health benefits hand washing


Global studies found that improving hand hygiene can reduce the spread of infectious diseases by 50% – So let’s get to work! 


Many of you donated to our Soap for South Sudan campaign a few years ago, where we provided soap to help with the refugee crisis, but the fight against germs never takes a day off and every year, we’d like to commemorate Global Handwashing Day by providing soap and better hygiene training to the schools and communities where we work. 


FACT: Poor sanitation kills more children every year than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. (WHO)


How Can I Help?


If you would like to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day with us and help give the gift of good health, please consider making a donation


$200 – Provides 5 cases of soap

$40 – Provides 1 case of soap

$20 – Provides ½ case of soap


Although it’s not glamorous, soap can be a lifesaver! Donate Now

Feel Good Fact: The soap we distribute is locally made, so the good generated by your donation is doubled because it provides work for local soap makers.


Drop in the Bucket Global Handwashing Day 2019 blog post image
Soap distribution in South Sudan.