Our First Annual Walk For Water

Our First Annual Walk For Water

Please Join us On September 17th for our first Annual Walk for Water

Every day women and children spend hours walking for water.
Will you walk one time to help bring it closer?

On September 17th we will be holding our first annual Walk For Water in Santa Monica, CA.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to take part we would love to have you join us.

You can walk alone, as part of a team or if you can’t get to Santa Monica you can even walk virtually wherever you are.

We are asking that everybody who participates makes a pledge to raise at least $250, but if you can raise more that would be even better. We are hoping that each team will raise enough money to fund an entire well, or perhaps even more.

If you do raise enough for a whole well, you get to name it with an inscription tile that we will set into the base of the well. We will also get you GPS coordinates and photos of people using the working well.

To get involved please follow this link and sign up.

Check out this lighthearted video that shows what it would be like here if we had to deal with the kind of water access as rural Uganda.

Come join us for a fun morning at the beach. There will a brunch afterwards and special t-shirts and water bottles for all participants.