• Norah Aligoyi

    Norah Aligoyi is 18 years and is in Grade Seven at Aakum Primary School in Katakwi district of Eastern Uganda. She has one brother and one sister. They all walk about one mile each day to get to their school. …

    Sarah Awelping

    Sarah Awelping is currently a 19-year-old sixth grader at the Salam Girls’ School in Aweil, South Sudan. When she was 15 years old, she became close with a boy, Garang, from her neighboring village and over time, the two fell …

    Ngor Garang Tong

    Ngor Garang Tong is a 5th grader at Salva Kiir Primary School, in Aweil Town, which is in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan. His school is one of several in the area where we have recently worked on projects. …

    Gillian Akullo

    Gillian Akullo was only 12 years old when Drop in the Bucket members noticed how sick she looked. When Drop workers went to visit the Ating Tuo Primary School in Alebtong, Uganda, they saw Gillian and immediately took her back …

    Juliette Alum

    Juliette Alum is 18 years old and attends Omoro Secondary School, in Alebtong, Uganda. She hopes to be a teacher one day. Juliette is thankful for her many opportunities, as she realizes that most girls in her culture do not …

    Charity Atem

    Charity Atem is 16 years old and is a student at the Alela Modern Primary School in northern Uganda. Drop in the Bucket has been working at the Alela Modern Primary School for several years now and has spent time …

    Kenyi Openi

    Kenyi Openi is 14 years old. He has three brothers and one sister, and is in 7th grade at Jalimo Orphanage Primary School, in South Sudan. Kenyi says that the well Drop in the Bucket drilled has changed his life.  Before the well, his family was …

    Nambi Masitulah

    Nambi Masitulah is in class P6 at the Makonzi Boarding School which is in the Mubende district of western Uganda. When we first met Nambi, she was drinking from this water hole. Before the new well, all of the pupils at the school were …

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